Child Cares Services in Hooksett, New Hampshire

Happy Bear Daycare Learning Center offers quality child care services in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Our child care instruction is divided into three main groups for specified instruction.
Elementary Age Schoolchildren In Geography Class With Teacher — preschool in Hooksett, NH

Child Care Group

Happy Bear Daycare Learning Center has a philosophy that promotes a positive self-image and a greater self-worth within the child. This philosophy can be accomplished by developing the whole child through a developmentally appropriate environment and materials. Children are unique individuals and possess qualities that can be expanded upon if their environment is positive, safe, and loving.
We have three different groups of children: first is the infant and toddler room, where we offer hands-on learning in a positive, stimulating, and inviting environment. The basic needs of the children are met with a variety of social and motor activities. We offer free choice, music, art, story time, and outdoor play to stimulate each child's intellectual and physical growth.
Our second group is our preschool room where we offer hands-on learning and invite language discussion. Outside play and free play make up a large portion of the preschoolers' day as it encourages cooperative play and allows for gross motor development.
Math, science, cooking, art, music, and storytelling are all incorporated into the preschool curriculum. These learning experiences touch every aspect of development needed to prepare for our third group - the kindergarten children.
Small group learning is an advantage in our kindergarten group. The curriculum includes science, social studies, reading, art, math, and various open-ended activities. Children are encouraged to do class projects, create original art work, and write in journals. Computers are used as an extension of learning; the children learn and have fun at the same time.
We provide progress reports and use Let's Find Out Magazine® by Scholastic™ for our preschool and kindergartners. Every month, each class participates in activities based on a theme, such as ocean or camping, and modified to the age group.